Clementine Ford: The 7 Types Of Guys You’ll Satisfy Dating Online. I Used To Be That Billionaire’s Girlfriend So He Would Just Take Us To The Moon

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Clementine Ford: The 7 Types Of Guys You’ll Satisfy Dating Online. I Used To Be That Billionaire’s Girlfriend So He Would Just Take Us To The Moon

Clementine Ford

Journalist and author that is best-selling

Someplace towards the middle of this past year, i discovered myself re-entering the lawless, swampish hellscape of internet dating.

My last watching of the hackneyed comedy of errors had happened nearly 10 years early in the day, but i discovered that absolutely absolutely nothing much had changed when you look at the reboot: exact Same players, exact exact same tired storylines. Even even even Worse jokes, most likely. The actual level that is same of for The workplace (UK). Still a lot of electric keyboards.

To be clear, we wasn’t trying to find a relationship, simply a temporary reprieve from the existential crisis of residing in some sort of condemned to perish underneath the fat of catastrophic weather modification, plus possibly a feel up under my top. You know, the typical things.


I Used To Be That Billionaire’s Girlfriend So He Would Simply Simply Take Us To The Moon

Whenever I first heard Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa had been in search of a lady friend they can decide to try the moon — it absolutely was love in the beginning simply click.

But my short foray back to the sludge of orchestrated meet-suits has reminded me personally of the things I currently knew: that much like there being seven days associated with week, seven plotlines and seven phases of grief, additionally, there are just seven kinds of fundamental cisgender man that is heterosexual. Right right right Here they’ve been, in no specific purchase:

1. The Joker

This guy is ranging from 19 yrs . old and 53 but age is simply a true number infant. He really really loves fun and folks whom don’t simply take by themselves too really. Good banter is vital! Don’t stress if you’re perhaps not sophisticated sufficient to get their jokes, because he’ll undoubtedly crack up in the center of telling them and that means you understand what’s allowed to be funny and what exactly isn’t. He relates to his buddies as ‘the lads’. These are the ones pictured in precisely the exact same pose (10 hands thrust around one another, one hand clutching an alcohol) in 90 % of their photographs. Before the minute you resulted in during the pub you proposed, you nevertheless weren’t precisely clear on what type was him. He discovered their mattress in the region of the road, and then he won’t ever allow you to be cum.

An example:

“Hi, I’m a man on Hinge! i enjoy Seinfeld plus the workplace (UK) and I also understand the most useful spot in the city for tacos. Like banter and folks whom don’t just take by themselves too really! Here’s an image of me personally beer that is drinking of my mate’s footwear.”

(Image: Warner Bros)

2. The Gymnasium Man

Listen, before a lot of dudes email us to scream OBVIOUSLY I think it is fine to go to the gym and do ‘exercising’ that I could probably actually do with working out some more (f*ck u by the way, come back to me when you’ve pushed a 3.5kg football out of your butt),. I prefer gymnasium material! I prefer hiking! I’m able to do 10 toe push-ups, all the way down parallel towards the flooring and every thing! Tonight i’m going to a barre class! We bet you can’t do this! But dudes, gymnasium talk is boring as f*ck. We don’t need to find out which you spend nine times per week out’ that is‘working. I understand that already, because every photo you have is of you standing in the front of the mirror flexing your muscle tissue.

An example:

“What’s up beautiful? I’m searching for a lady whom takes proper care of herself and wants to care for her guy too. You must not contact me if you’re perhaps perhaps perhaps not into physical physical fitness. I’m perhaps maybe not into sleep-ins. I might instead get right up and go out running and then relax along with a quick black colored.”

(Image: twentieth Century Fox)

Emma Betty


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Dating may be painful.

3. The Aussie Bloke log in

At first, this person could appear to be The Larrikin. Also it’s correct that they do have complete large amount of overlaps, primarily within their Netflix view queue. But you can find differences that are subtle. Including, The Larrikin is much more prone to sport a huge couple of novelty sunglasses in one or more of their photos (perhaps three) although the Aussie Bloke favours a couple of classic meth dealer shades slung round the straight back of their throat or cradled regarding the brim of their baseball cap. The Aussie Bloke really really loves AFL and considers this 1 of the very most essential and things that are interesting find out about him.

An example:

“Hey gorgeous. I am simply a normal man whom really loves their footy (go Bombers!) and their alcohol. I’m searching for a female to spoil also to snuggle regarding the settee with. Why don’t we debate if pineapple belongs on pizza!”

(Image: Caravan Photos)

4. The Drainer

You’ll understand the Drainer the moment you stumble across him. Their profile is simply a listing of all the stuff he does like in women n’t, through the period of time we invest within the restroom to whether or not we’ve tattoos or have actually dated ‘a large amount of men’. He’s extremely clear by what he’ll and certainly will not tolerate, but offers absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing of their own look or character beyond one half-lit picture of him displaying a nicely trimmed goatee after which four more seemingly identical shots associated with the same photo but with really somewhat various poses. Don’t stress, because even though your very own profile clearly violates every one of their rigorous deal-breakers, he can nevertheless undoubtedly content you.

An example:

“Let’s understand this straight: you ought not contact me when you have tattoos, smoke, consume alcohol, have actually slept with over five guys, swear, are taller than 5’7″, reside in a share house, aren’t thinking about having kids (or have young ones currently), don’t go right to the gymnasium, simply take selfies, are ‘feminist’ or have actually brief locks. No time-wasters please.”

(Image: Blumhouse Productions)

Lisa Portolan


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It’s not necessarily his member that we’re referring to when it comes to size, in a world where dating apps have overtaken face-to-face interaction.

5. The Conversationalist

Their profile has scarcely any information about it, with the exception of their height (lie), age (lie) and their task (lie).

An example:

“Not actually into responding to these concerns, if you’d like to know any thing simply ask.”

6. The Thinker

He’s left-leaning, into cooking and nature walks, prefers Netflix over nightclubs and would prefer to read a beneficial book than pollute reality television to his brain. He really really loves an excellent debate and is partial to playing Devil’s Advocate to ‘see exactly what makes individuals tick’. He’ll share he claims to enjoy, and you’ll notice none of them are women with you a very long list of literary writers whose books. The only thing he cares more about than Camus and Joyce is music, in which he guarantees you he understands more about that than you are doing. He could be extremely competitive about every thing. A while into the date that is first allow you understand he’s into non-monogamy in which he believes this particular fact will blow the mind.

An example:

“Smart, compassionate guy readily available for times, dinners and intellectual conversations. Let’s get see some music that is live speak about their state around the globe over tapas and wine. Taller than you in heels (because evidently that counts). Perhaps maybe maybe Not my kid when you look at the image.”

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