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You can email me at for my free price kit.I would love to help promote your book. Also quick note, I had to pay for my Reedsy Discovery reviews. I got some of the best reviews out of all of the review services I’ve tried. Published books and those through different systems will have different ASINs but usual self published books do not…usually. If you are using the same login for your social media accounts and for Amazon , then Amazon can “see” your friends list and block those people from posting reviews.

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It was a mac/pc app that would notify garmin .com/express you when a new review came in. However, about 6 months ago, Amazon made it REALLY difficult for 3rd party vendors to check reviews and display information. I’ve personally looked into creating a version that actually works, but it’s pretty costly to do and I’d need to keep working to update it and make it work. Yup – the best reviews come from the networking you do and the build up of people who will be your ‘street team’ or ARCs. The “Link” that is mentioned in that sentence, is a link that sends them directly to the review page of the book. So, it means in 2 weeks, they’ll go there and drop a review. Reader validation makes other marketing practices like promos and Amazon advertising so much more effective.

Use the code KINDLEPRENEUR5 to save 5% on anything from their site. While they are both essentially “free,” the second one requires a review in order to make it free, thus incentivizing the review. YES, you can give a free copy of your book in advance for a review. On Amazon, there is a section on your book’s sales page where you can enter “Editorial Reviews” through you Author Central Account (here is how to setup one if you haven’t already). In the editorial review, you can put just about anything here. If you have an email list, then make sure to use your auto responder to help with your reviews.

  • Music Critic was founded in 1998, and publishes album and single reviews, music articles, concert and live band reviews and instrument and equipment guides.
  • We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money.
  • ASIO4ALL – The default FL Studio installation includes ASIO4ALL, if not, Download ASIO4ALL here and install it.

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A year ago, I bought Book Review Targeter and got pretty good results. I worked hard at it, wrote individual emails to the reviewers, and received 30+ reviews. But now BRT has been crippled by Amazon`s decision to no longer make email addresses available.

However, if you separate your logins, you won’t have this problem. Your book which is probably written in english, is probably not doing well in foreign markets. Therefore, driving them to drop a review in a foreign market probably isn’t worth the extra effort outside of the US and UK. There is a popup, but it sometimes shows up way at the back of your book. However, the use of the tactic above has increased people’s willingness to leave a review and also pre-positions them for a better review. Self-Publishing Review is one example of a service that sells email list promotions designed to result in more sales and more unbiased reviews. If you’re looking for opportunities, that could be worth looking into.

In this contest, if they click the link that points to your book’s review page , they are automatically entered into the contest. If you’d like to see more niche-specific examples, Reedsy has done an AMAZING job of curating a list of book review websites, their requirements and even how much traffic each site potentially gets. However, do note, many sites on that list aren’t always free.

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As a result, BRT could no longer give out email addresses in its results. I’ve found the BRT results for social media and websites/blogs too labor intensive with very poor results. I highly suggest a book blog tour, I organise successful tours. I save you hours of work, I work with all genres and have a package to suit all budgets.

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